Team Finance

Team Finance

Playinga always provides a better way, to make your work in a smarter way. With Playinga Finance management, you can track all your transactions that happened between teams easier. 

As an admin, you can Add income and Expense and keep track on it.

To Utilize team Finance: Follow below steps-

Step 1: Navigate to the Team Page by clicking on the Teams tab in the top of your profile page and clicking on the team of interest.

Step 2: Click on the Finance sub-tab in the right side of the team page. 

Team Fianance

You can find Transactions and Preferences on the finance page. 

Transactions will show the details of payment made by the team and payment received. You can also add income, expense details and generate invoice. 

Step 1: Click on Transactions.

Add Income
Step 2: The payment team admin made in PLAYINGA to upgrade team will be shown on Finance tab as Expense made and ID for Exp will be auto generated.
Note: In Add Invoice, you can add income expected and send invoice to respective team members

​How to Add income -

Step 3: Click on Add Income button.
Step 4: A form will open with few details to be filled.

Add income form

Step 5: Select parties involved - Click on select parties dropdown and select members for whom the invoice has to be generated. You can also multi select players, invoice will be sent to each selected players. 
Select members

Step 6: Choose currency - Choose in which currency you need to collect money.
Note: As of now PLAYINGA supports only Indian currencies.
Choose currency
Step 7: Invoice ID and Prefix number will be auto generated.

Step 8: Choose suitable invoice date and payment terms. 
Invoice date
Due date will be auto generated according to the payment term provided.
Step 9: Enter Invoice description.
Step 10: Invoice Items - Give item ID and Item description.
Item description
Step 11: Choose category from the dropdown or add you can also add new category by clicking add category option given on the dropdown below.
Choose category
Step 12: On clicking Add category - pop up will headup with title Add category.
Step 13: Enter category code and category name.
Step 14: If you want this category to be a sub set of another category, then enable the button to "Yes"

Step 15: It will ask to choose parent category, select any one from it.
Add category

Step 16: Click on Save button. 

Step 17: Enter number of quantity in QTY field and select option given on the next dropdown.
Choose Unit
Step 18: Enter the amount need to be collected in Rate/Unit field. Also select choose tax percentage or create your own tax rate to be collected.
Choose Rent
Step 19: Type Terms and conditions and invoice Notes.
Step 20: Set payment settings. If you want to collect payment online "Enable" collect payment online.
Payment setting
Step 21: Choose bank account in which the payment should be transacted through maintain bank account.
Step 22: Convenience fee split up - You will find  options in this dropdown.
      22.1: Absorb all charges- Team admin will take care of convenience fee.
      22.2: Pass on charges to players- Players or member should pay convenience fee.
      22.3: Split charges, 50% - 50% - Team admin and player will split the convenience charge 50% equally.
      Step 23: After choosing bank detail and convenience fee split up- Amount with details will be updated.
      Step 24: You can save this as draft for future use or can publish by clicking on the publish button.

Note: After invoice published, player will receive invoice on emails and on their PLAYINGA profile page Orders tab.

How to Add Expense: 

Note: Expense section is to make note of expenses made by team and to track it.
      Step 1: Click on transactions and click on Add Expense button.
      Step 2: Fill all the fields as explained above in Add Income part.
      Step 3: Payment settings - Associate players- in this field you can select members from whom cash to be collected for the expense made.
It will be saved as draft invoice and you can publish it to collect the amount.
Choose player

      Step 4: After selecting players, you can choose whether to bill the player or not and save it.
Bill player
Step 5: After Filling all the mandatory details click on publish. Thus expense will be tracked in finance tab.

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