Team Feeds

Team Feeds

For every team you create on PLAYINGA, you can create team feeds to inform players or engage fans through text or media clips. Team Feeds you create will appear on your team wall.

The following are the steps to create Team Feed:

Click the Teams tab at the top of your profile page and from the drop-down that appears click on the team of interest to go to the respective team’s page. 

To post a Feed:

Step 1: You can find Activity feed on the Feeds tab. 

Step 2: Type heading on the headline and start typing the message you want to post.


Step 3: Click the drop-down button on PUBLISH TO ALL button. You will find 4 options. 

Visible to all - Feed will be visible to friends and everyone(Public) who visits your profile.

Only to team players - Feed will be visible only to your team players.

Only to team players and fans - Feed will be visible only to your team players and fans.

Only to me - Feed will be visible only to you(Team admin).

You can choose to whom it must be visible by choosing any one of the options. 

 To post Feed with Image:

Step 1: Click the image icon at the right corner of the message field.

Step 2: Choose a photo from your computer by clicking on the filename. Click Open to attach the image to your post.

Step 3: Step 3: You must include headline and message to post.

Step 4: Tap the Publish button to post.

To post a video:

Step 1: Click the Video icon at the right corner of the message field.

Step 2: Enter or paste  Youtube URL of the video you would like to post in the box that says Youtube URL.

Step 3: You must include headline and message to post.

Step 4: Tap the Publish button to post.

To post a Poll:

Step 1: Select Make this Message a poll option under the message field. 

Step 2: Choose the valid date which means until when your poll should be active.

Step 3: Enter the options to be shown. 

Note : 2 options should be typed. 

Step 4: Click on the publish button. 

Editing and Deleting a feed and Poll:

You can Edit/Delete a feed and poll if you change your mind at any point in time after you create it.  You can edit/delete a photo or video you posted in your timeline easily.

Below are the steps to Edit a feed/Poll you created:

Step 1: Locate the post in your Team timeline that you want to edit.

Step 2: In the top right corner of the post-tap the more option button (3 dotted button) and select edit.

Step 3: Edit the changes you want to make. 

Note: You can add image/video or remove image/video. You can aslo change the date and options on a poll.

Step 4: Click on publish button.

Below are the steps to Delete a feed/Poll you created.

Step 1: Locate the post in your timeline that you want to delete.

Step 2: In the top right corner of the post-tap the more option button (3 dotted button) and select delete.

Step 3: A message will appear seeking your confirmation. To reply in the affirmative, tap Yes, delete it 

Your post will get deleted successfully.

Note: You can only edit/delete posts that you have created and you cannot edit/delete posts from people you follow, that appear in your timeline.   


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