Set up Roles and Permissions

Set up Roles and Permissions

As a tournament organizer, you can set roles and set up permissions for each role.

Steps to set up roles are:

To set up tournament branding, follow the below steps.

Note: Only tournament admin can set up branding while players, participants, and others can view the set up done.

Step 1: Click the Tournaments sub-tab on your profile page. From the list of your tournaments, click on the tournament of interest to go to the specific Tournament page


Search with your tournament keyword on the search field.

Step 2: Tournament page will be opened. Tap the Settings sub-tab and then Tap the Customization sub-tab that appears on your tournament page. 

Step 3: Click on "Roles and Permissions" on the left side below Customization Settings.

Note: If your an admin, your name will be visible under the Administration role. The Participant list includes players who are already part of the tournament. 

Understanding Participant role :

Step 4: Go to the Player edit and read all the actions. Anything cannot be disabled or enabled in the Participant role. 

If a participant gets assigned for any other role, their name will be removed from the Participant role.

To Add Participants as Admin :

Step 5: Click on the Edit icon in the Administrator row.

Step 6: Read what all an admin can do and click the "Next: Assign Players" button. 

Note: You cant disable or enable any actions in this pop-up.

Step 7: List of confirmed players will be shown. Click on the Assign button corresponding to the Player profile on whom you want to make Admin.

Step 8: Click on publish role button. The assigned player will now be added as Admin and can able to do all actions which are mentioned in the admin role.

Create a new role :

As an admin, you can create a new role and assign players to it. 

Step 9: Click on the "Create New Role" button on top of the roles list.

Step 10: Enter the Role name and enable the characteristics of the role. 

Step 11: Click on "Next: Assing Players" and Assign players to the created role and Click on the "Publish Role" button.

Deleting new role created :

Step 12: Under the Actions on the role created, you can find the Delete icon. Click on it and a confirmation pop up will appear.

Step 13: Confirm with the Yes button and the role will be deleted. 

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