Scoring & Scorecard

Scoring & Scorecard

Scoring made simpler.

After each match, the results of that match can be captured as a scorecard. A scorecard records each player’s contribution to the team or as an individual captures the match results and reflects a team’s or a player’s performance. The following section explains how match results can be updated in PLAYINGA and how to publish them.

Before we get into the finer details on how a match result gets updated, there are few important points to keep in mind.

Access Restrictions:

Only the match administrator has permission to enter scores and publish match results. In any match, the match creator is the match administrator. For matches in a tournament, the tournament organizer is the person who shall have the permissions to enter the scores for tournament matches.

Entering scores and publishing results:

Go to match listing page by clicking on Matches sub-tab in your profile page. The match listing page now displays a list of your matches including upcoming matches and past matches.

If you are the match administrator for a specific past match, you shall see the Enter Score button next to the match details. Click on Enter Score button and you will be navigated to the Score Card page of the match from where you can record the match scores.

After clicking enter score it will take you to match page. Click on Start scoring.

Note: For detailed steps on how to enter the scores for any sport like Hockey, Badminton, Soccer, Tennis, Table Tennis or Cricket refer the respective sport section.

After entering score, click on save score.

Once you enter the scores, save the scorecard. After the score is saved, it must be approved by the opponent side to be published. This ensures that both the sides are in agreement before the scorecard is officially published on PLAYINGA. 

Click on Send for Opponent’s Approval to send the scorecard to the opponent side for approval. For a team sport like Hockey, the Admin/Captain of the opponent team is notified.

The captain/admin of the opponent team shall receive a notification when a scorecard is sent for review.

If you are the captain/admin of the opponent team, click on Review Scorecard to visit the scorecard page. As an opponent, you can choose to Accept or Reject the scorecard. To accept the scores, click on Accept & Publish.

If you click the Accept & Publish button, the scores get published and the message “Match scorecard published successfully” appears at the top of the screen.

Note: Once the scores have been accepted and published, they become visible in your feeds section, your opponent’s feed and on the feeds of both of your friends.

As an opponent, if you want to reject the scorecard then click on Reject button. You will see a pop-up requesting you to enter the reason. Enter the reason for rejecting the scores and click on Confirm. 

If the opponent has rejected the scorecard, the match administrator shall receive a notification from the opponent with the reason for rejection and the match results will be sent to the match admin for a repeat verification. The match admin should revisit the match scorecard page, may choose to modify the score or retain it and send it again to the opponent for approval by clicking on Send for Opponent’s Approval button.

If you are the captain/admin of the opponent team, click on Review Scorecard to visit the scorecard page. In order to approve the result, click the Accept & Publish button. This will publish the scores of the match and the message “Match scorecard successfully published” appears at the top of the screen

Note: Once the scores have been accepted and published, they become visible in the feeds section of the participant players’ profiles and as feeds for the friends of them.

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