Scheduling a Match

Scheduling a Match

Matches in PLAYINGA are of two types:

Closed Matches: Where the opponent of the match is fixed while scheduling the match.

Open Challenge: Where the opponent of the match is not known at the time of scheduling the match. 

Listed below are the steps to schedule a closed match.

Step 1: If you wish to schedule a match for your own teams or with your friends in PLAYINGA, click on the Schedule match button that appears below your profile image on the header. 

Schedule Match.

Alternatively, click on the Matches sub-tab from your profile page and click on the schedule match button that appears in matches listing page.

Step 2: A box titled Schedule match appears as a pop-up, seeking match details. Fill in the match details including the name of the match, the game/sport, the proposed date and time along with the match venue.

Step 3: Once you choose the sport additional fields to appear based on the sport chosen. 

If you choose a sport that can be played only as a team, you can see choose your team and opponent team as additional field. 

3.1.1 Click on choose your team, you will be shown list of teams you own. Select any team that want to play a amatch. 

3.1.2 If you dont have any team (or) if you want to create match with new team, Enter Team name and Team short name below create new team section and click on create new team button. 

In case if you want to choose doubles/partner format of play for some sport like Badminton, after selecting sports you will find Play field. You can choose singles, doubles or mixed doubles from the dropdown. 

If you choose doubles or mixed doubles, you will be prompted to select one of your friends to partner with. In the Choose Partner field, select any of your friends from the list of friends that appears.

Step 4: For the Choose opponent field, all your friends are listed in the opponent's field, you can choose any of them as your opponent by clicking on select partner button.

If you want to invite player, who are not in your friend list (or) player who are not in playinga, you can invite them by giving their name and email id. 

Enter Player name ane email Id and click on invite player button.

Step 5: Once you have entered all the fields, tap the Schedule button.


If you wish to schedule the match with a specific opponent/opponent team you know, visit the opponent player’s profile or the team’s page and select the Schedule Match button present in the left pane (Header)

Note: In case you are scheduling a match against another player or team from their profile page then the player’s or team’s name automatically appears on the Choose Opponent field.  


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