Manage On The Spot Registrations (Non PLAYINGA Users)

Manage On The Spot Registrations (Non PLAYINGA Users)

PLAYINGA helps tournament organizers capture the player or team’s information on the spot. We have a lot of tournaments where you will have players and teams show up on the spot for registrations. This feature helps tournament organizers manage registrations including performance tracking for on-the-spot registered teams or players.

The following section will guide tournament organizers to manage on-the-spot registrations.

Step 1: Navigate to your Tournament page and go to the Participants tab.

Step 2: On each stream, you will see the Finalize Participants button. Click on the Finalize Participants button. A division page shall open. Click on Add Applicant button. 

Step 3:  A new pop-up shall open – with few data to be filled. 

For adding on-the-spot registrations-

Step 4: Click on PLAYER NAME field. You will find Add new player option at the bottom of the dropdown after typing any letters on the name filed.

Step 5: Click on add new player option on the dropdown. 

Step 6: Enter the player’s name, email address on the box titled invite player.

Step 7: Click on the invite player button.

Step 8: Player name and Email id will be added, fill all other fields and add playe profile image if you have got while registration.

Step 9: Click on proceed button.

Step 10: Agree to terms and conditions and click on save applications.

Thus Players will be added as a participant and an invitation will be sent to provided email id. 

Once the user register and login into playinga, user can claim a tournament which will be explained in the Claim Tournament widget.

To Invite a player on team sports:

Step 1: Click on the team sports finalize button.

Step 2: Click on Add another Applicant or Add applicant button on the division page that appears.

Step 3: This will open a team form to be filled. Fill all the mandatory fields and add team image.

Step 4: After filling all mandatory details click on Procced.

Step 5: You can start adding participants for the team created in the next pop up. 

Step 6: Click on the Procced button. 

Step 7: Agree to terms and conditions and click on save applications.

Thus Players will be added as participants in the tournament and invitation will be sent to each player added.

Players/Teams will be successfully added to the Participants tab and you can now finalize the participants and generate fixtures.



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