Finalizing Participants

Finalizing Participants

Once you organize a Tournament on PLAYINGA, and after you may have received qualified applications, the next step would be to finalize participants in the tournament. This will help you generate fixtures. To finalize participants for your tournament, follow the steps below:
In PLAYINGA, apart from adding players to your tournament, you can choose to accept the application of those players/teams who are interested in your tournament as participants.
Step 1: Click the Tournaments sub-tab in your profile page. From the list of your tournaments, click on the tournament of interest to go to the specific Tournament page
Search with your tournament keyword on the search field.
Step 2: Tournament page will be opened. Tap the Participants sub-tab that appears under the tournament title and header image of your tournament page. A list of participants appears. This includes participants that you have added/invited to your tournament as well as those who have applied for the tournament. 
Next to each participant name their date of the application appears along with three buttons Select, Accept, Reject and view that allows you to do the three functions respectively.
Note: You could analyze individual participant profiles by clicking on each participant name to know more before you make a selection decision.

Step 3:  Click the Accept/Reject button next to the profile information of a participant to Accept/Reject. To reject an application, click on Reject button. 
Note: You can undo the status of a participant any time before you finalize the list of participants by clicking the Finalize button.
Note: To revert your selection decision before the tournament commencement, click the Undo icon that appears near the Selected status of the applicant.
Step 9: After Accept/Reject participant status click on the Finalize button.
If any participant's status left unchanged, the names will be displayed on the popup saying those will be considered as rejected. 
Check the list and if you are ok with it click on "Finalize participants" button else change the status.

Once the participants are finalized, all the accepted participants will be showing on the participant's tab and the finalize button will disappear.

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