Create a Team

Create a Team

Creating your own team and building network is no more hassle in PLAYINGA.

Follow the below steps to create a team.

Step 1: Log in to your PLAYINGA account

Step 2: In our profile page click the Teams tab and from the drop down that says tap to create a team, tap the "Create New Team button" to create a team.

Team create


Step 3: In the Create Team box that appears, fill in the required fields. Enter the Team Name, a Short Name for your team and Click on Create Team button. 

Enter team info

Step 4: Team will be created and navigated to team page. 

Team created


Step 5: Upload team image on the left bar given before Team name and then go to settings tab and configure your team the way you want.

To customise your team, you need to upgrade it. Once you upgrade, you can able to set Team Brand, set roles for each player, set registration fee, set Email preferences. 

5.1 Customise basic settings -

      5.1.1 Go to settings tab and click on Basic settings heading on the left side.

      5.1.2 Change team name, team short name and URl by editing it. 

      5.1.3 If you want to send invite to players, then enable Allow players to send team join invites. This action will send notifications to player.

      5.1.4 Any one who visit your team can follow team feeds, posts and see matches occuring through following your team.  Enable Allow Fans to follow your team and to stop fans following disable it. 

      5.1.5 Any once can challenge your team to play, to make this happen enable allow players to challenge your team. You can disable it anytime. 

      5.1.6 Change your loaction through edit icon on the location.


Basic settings 


      5.2.1  Click on Sports settings heading on the left side.

      5.2.2 Click on select your sport dropdown and choose the sports from the list provided. You can select how many sports you want. 

      5.2.3 Click on save sports settings button.


Sport settings


5.3 Branding- 

      5.3.1 Click on update team banner image and choose an image from your computer and upload it. 

      5.3.2 Choose Primary and Secondary color for your team to create brand color. (Note: If you Update banner image then the color will not be visible on header banner, Image you uploaded will cover it)

      5.3.3 Type or copy-paste your team website url, twitter account and facebook account to make the player and organizers know more about your team.

      5.3.4 Click on save branding settings button to save all the changes made.



5.4 Registration Fee - 

      5.4.1 Click on the Registration fee heading at the left side.

      5.4.2 Click on maintain payment plan button.

Team Registration fee

      5.4.3 Enable Start/ stop online team registration fee to collect fee.

      5.4.4 Choose currency format, type amount need to be collected in registration fee field, choose bank account.

Maintain payment plan

      5.4.5 Split convenience fee charge with the option given in the drop down.

Absorb all charges- convinience fee will be paid by team admin

Pass on charges to payer - payer will pay the convenience charge along with fee.

Split charges : 50% - 50% - Team admin and payer pays 50%- 50% of the total convenience fee. 

Fee split up

      5.4.6 click on save registration settings button. 

5.5.1 Role and permissions -

      Setting up roles and responsibilities has been explained in detail on roles and administration settings.

5.6 Email preferences - 

      5.6.1 Click on Email preferences on left side.

      5.6.2 Enable receive emails about fans following in your team, if you want to get notified through emails.Email preferences

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