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Who is a Player?

Every sports enthusiast is a player. Every logged-in user in PLAYINGA is a Player.

Who is a Friend?

A friend in PLAYINGA is a known person to a player. You can have many players whom you know. You can connect with them as Friends.

What is a Team?

Player with a group of players can form a team. Teams are relevant for sports which involve a group such as Soccer, Volleyball etc.

Who is a Captain?

A captain is a player who represents the team.

Who is a Vice Captain?

A vice-captain is a player who assists the captain.

Who is a Fan?

Fans in PLAYINGA are your Team followers. Fans are those people who admire your team performance and would like to receive updates on each of your accomplishments.  

What is a Match?

A match is a sporting competition between players or teams with the venue chosen, a match is scheduled and played; and finally, scores are tracked and published.

What is an Open Challenge Match?

Any player can create an Open Challenge Match. An open challenge match is where an opponent for that match is left open which means the player can challenge any other player for match. Once an open challenge is created, the player’s friends can see the challenge and can choose to apply. An opponent can be accepted by match creator from the list of players who applied.  

What is a Tournament?

A tournament is a series of matches played with multiple players. A match is two dimensional where we only have two players or teams playing against each other. A tournament is multi-dimensional where we have multiple players or teams competing against each other for the same winner’s cup.

What is a Championship Tournament?

Championship tournament has a team of players or teams representing an organization or country. A championship tournament is where we have multiple teams of players and teams competing against each other for the winner's cup. 

What is Division?

A sport can have multiple divisions with tournament types such as Singles/Doubles/Mixed Doubles. The tournament organizer will limit participants with age, gender, and number.

Who is an Organizer?

An organizer is the player who organizes matches/tournaments, schedules fixtures, decides the time and venue of the match. In an Open challenge, the player who initiates the open challenge match is the organizer. In a match against a known opponent, the player who schedules the match is the organizer. In a tournament, the player who finalizes participants generates fixtures is an Organizer. Only an organizer has the permissions to enter and publish match and tournament results.

What is a Fixture?

A fixture captures the details of a match event. It contains details such as player, opponent, date & time and venue of the match. It’s more like a timetable which lists a series of matches in a tournament.

What are the Standings?

Standing are relative rankings in a tournament. Standings denote the place in the tournament based on the number of matches won in the tournament.

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