Apply and Participate in a Tournament

Apply and Participate in a Tournament

Tournaments are public pages which can be accessed by everyone. 

This guide shall help you from searching for a tournament in PLAYINGA and applying for the same. If you are accessing the tournament page directly, you can skip the search part.

Searching for a Tournament in PLAYINGA:

Tournaments in PLAYINGA are searchable and you as a player or your team can choose to participate in tournaments that accept applications. You can use the Search box at the top of your profile page to search for a tournament of your preference.

The steps to search for a tournament are below:

Step 1: Type the first 3 letters of the tournament in the Search box and press the return key. A list of search results would appear with tournament image and color with Admin name.

Step 2: From the search result, click on the name of the preferred tournament. You will be directed to the specific tournament page which has all the relevant tournament details.

Applying for a Tournament in PLAYINGA: 

Step 3: You will land on the Tournament page, either from search results or through directly accessing the page. Once you are here, click on the Apply button from the left pane of the tournament page. 


Step 4: Click on Start apllication button from the pop up. 

Step 5: Set of divisions with sports will be shown. Choose the division to which you want to apply. 

NOTE: You can apply to any number of sports and divisions. 


If you choose single streams division, type name of the player in the select player field and choose the player from the list showing in the dropdown. You can apply with any number of players by adding player through Add another player button. 


You can also invite new players through add new players on the select player fields and apply. 


When you click on Doubles stream, a pop-up shall open with a list of all your friends. Choose a friend with whom you wish to partner with, in this Tournament.  You can apply with any number of players by adding player through Add another player button.



Note: You can only partner with a friend. If you wish to partner with another player, you need to add that player as your friend and then apply to the Tournament. or You can also invite new players through add new players on the select player fields and apply.

Step 6: For tournaments requiring team participation, navigate to the tournament page and click on Participate. A pop-up shall open and the stream will be displayed. For all team-related sports, the stream defaults to General. Click on Apply to this stream.

Step 7: Choose your team with which you would like to participate in this tournament or create a new team. If you like to apply with an existing team, select the team and click on Next. If you want to create a new team click on Create New Team where you will be asked to team details and add players to the team.



Step 8: Select existing players who would be part of your participating team by clicking on the Select team button.

Step 9: Capture the team’s participation details such as team name,  team short name, team jersey color and click on Proceed. if the tournament is a paid tournament. You will be navigated to the payment gateway to from where you can make payments and apply for your tournament.


Step 10: Select players from the team on player field and you can also add new players through invite player.  


Step 11: After adding players Click on proceed and it will show another pop up with list of divisions selected and number of players added. 

Step 12: Click on Proceed and if paid tournament it will ask you to pay. Accept Terms and conditions and click on Submit Applications.

Application will now be sent to tournament Admin.

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